5 Signs You Are Ready for an IPad POS

If you have been running your restaurant for several years and have the perfect menu along with a great staff team, as well as a good point of scale you may decide to put your restaurant on cruise control. However, before you can make this decision make sure you have considered the following five factors that are signs you may be missing out on regarding the old system you are using to manage your restaurant which is not working out as you planned it to be. If you happen to notice any of the following signs then it is time for your business to think about an IPad POS solution.

  1. You have a constant line up and your service station

A ripple effect may be created if servers are lined up one after the other to punch in orders. In this process the customers, kitchen as well as your bottom line is affected in some way or another as the food will take longer to reach the customers tables. By providing their serving staff with fast and efficient IPad POS, servers can easily go to the table and take the orders without wasting any time and sending out the orders to the kitchen within a few seconds once the customers are done giving their orders.

  1. Your POS server has not had a software update for over a year

If your legacy team is running the same software over a year it is not good for the company because the company will be running on old outdated software which is slower and less efficient as compared to the fast processing software’s available today. The modern IPad POS software’s are more efficient and up-to-date and they keep evolving. With an IPad POS the company’s software will keep getting updated weekly instead of after a couple of years.

  1. Your servers are not up-selling as much as you want

An easy way to increase the customers spending is by add-ons and up sells. However if servers do not include this step it would mean that they are leaving much money on to the table. With the help of an IPad POS, servers will be reminded to up sell. Moreover you can also persuade customers to try on items such as desserts or cocktails by showing them an image of the items through the IPad.

  1. Your servers and kitchens are missing modification

Many a times, an order can have a missing item, for instance a sandwich could be missing a slice of cheese, thus being sent back to the kitchen. Such problems cost you more time as well as money and customers which can lead to large losses. If orders are taken at the table, modifications can be made directly on the spot and it gets recorded on the POS. With the help of an IPad POS, there are fewer chances of creating errors as servers will not have to remember details.

  1. Splitting checks is frustrating your staff

Most of the time, customers decide to split their bill amongst each other during the payment of the bill. This point can be quite frustrating for the servers as they would be waiting for hours till they customers counted and divided the bill. However with the use most traditional POS systems that divide the check tend to be very time-consuming. With the assistance of an IPad POS, the wait staff can equally divide the amount of the check amongst the guest numbers, by seat or however the customers want it to be within seconds.

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