All You Need To Know About Free vs. Paid Point Of Sales System

Any savvy business owner cannot deny the fact that point of sales software brings immense benefits to the business. However, POS software is designed in many different ways, and you must do meticulous research before choosing the right one for your business. In this day and time of hard economic situation, you might be trying to save as much as you probably can, but you must be well aware that all POS systems, whether free or paid, come at a cost. That’s why you have to set a good budget when looking to get the right POS system for your business. The budget you set aside will pretty much depend on the kind of POS system you intend to implement in your business. Happily, POS systems have a higher and faster ROI. In fact, it can increase your sales threefold, making POS system a sound business investment.

·Free Point of Sales software is not entirely free

Free Point of Sales software typically attracts small business or startup oawners, as they are always unwilling to spend a ton of money in the beginning. Although free POS software is a pretty good option, it differs a lot from the paid POS system in 2 main ways; features and cost. When most first-time business owners see the term free POS system, what springs to their mind immediately is that you can use the software without paying an upfront cost or monthly subscriptions. While the free POS systems mean that you won’t pay any upfront costs or monthly subscriptions, you’ll have to cater for the installation and customization costs. You’ll also cater for regular updates.

·Free vs. Paid Point of Sales software

In some situations, you may find that the cost of free point of sales software exceeds that of paid Point of Sales software. The installation, customization, maintenance and update costs can drive up the cost of free POS solutions. That’s why before taking any step to implement any POS restaurant or POS retail solution; perform rigorous research to determine the current and future cost of a free plan. A free POS plan that is advertised as free might just be a gimmick to lure you into a trap where you’ll be slapped with installation, customization and maintenance charges. Also, note that companies that offer free POS software operate on low budgets and they may not be able to provide the kind of customer service you want. On the contrary, you can find perfect POS software that only requires a one-off payment fee, and that’s it. The developers take care of the installation, customization, maintenance, and updates for free.

If you have a good budget, it would be prudent to go for the paid POS system, as they offer a whole lot of basic and unique features that could turn around your business in record time.

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